"A very erotic adventure into the world of menage a trois." courtesy-Darby Hudspeth, Romantic Times Magazine

"Mari Byrne has created the perfect female fantasy, and done it with love and caring. I loved the way the relationship develops between the Stephanie and Mitch and Kristain. I find myself alternating between having steamed up glasses and sitting on the edge of my seat. I didn't want the novel to end. I wanted more. But I understand the secondary characters will have their day, someday soon I hope. I will look forward to reading anything else Mari Byrne writes. I enjoyed this from the beginning to the last page. Thank you, Mari Byrne." - Courtesy of Patricia McGrew Timeless Tales Review

"move over love, death is in town"...Mari Byrne brings to life a quick tale from Ellora's Cave....DEATH REBORN is a passionate and loving tale of a second chance at life and love. Mari Byrne weaves a beautiful story, as poetic at times as Shakespeare himself, while still as hot as the loyal readers of Ellora's Cave demand." Reviewed by Michelle Houston - courtesy Sensual Romance

"I knew Mari Byrne was an author I wanted to hear more from after I read her EC Quickie, DEATH REBORN. I'm hoping that there will be a sequel to STEPHANIE'S MENAGE -- two tiny scenes in this book seem to be setting the stage for a story about the Aranak warrior twins Shan Lin and Vincent.
Sensuality: NC-17. Sex toys, oral sex, anal sex, light bdsm by secondary character." Reviewed by Raelene Gorlinsky - courtesy Sensual Romance

"In Stephanie's Menage Mari Byrne has taken a common female fantasy,
multiple male partners, and managed to write a love story that necessitates
the multiple partners. She has created a society that not only accepts
polygamous marriages, but actually requires them of the royal family.
Although the love story for this trio is told in one book, there are
obvious extensive plot elements that will be brought to fruition in future
books. The characters are not just paper cutouts; they have depth and
history behind their actions and reactions. I plan to be on the lookout for
all future releases by Ms. Byrne." Rating: 4 Nicole LaFolle - courtesy Timeless Tales Book Reviews

"Together they [Lucas and Tawny] weave a tale of passion, a thrilling
ride between man and woman and the power of sexuality. Death Reborn caught my attention from the beginning. I was so interested; I could not lay this novel down for any reason at all. It is a great story of sexual hunger between a man and a woman. Shockingly enough were the words that at times left me awestruck from their sheerness and picturesque portrayal. This is bound to be enjoyed by many and it would serve well to continue more of an interaction between these two lost individuals. A wonderful read not easily forgotten, furthermore, one that gives a detailed picture of the intensity of lovemaking." Rating: 3.5 Stars Heidi Diaz-curtesy Timeless Tales Book Reviews

" Ms Byrne gives the reader a very vivid love story and the belief that all things are possible." - The Romance Studio

"STEPHANIE'S MENAGE is extremely awesome. If you want a story with more sex, more sex, more sex, this is the one to read. To live vicariously though Stephanie's eyes is almost as good as being there. Well, maybe. The chemistry between Stephanie, Mitch, and Kristain is phenomenal. STEPHANIE'S MENAGE should carry a warning label stating "Don't read without significant other available for attacking." Or you will be taking many cold showers to cool yourself down after reading the scorching sex scenes. I can't wait for the sequel, the Vincent and Shan Lin story. - Hunter McKenna Courtesy Sensual Romance -- To read the review in its entirty go http://sr.thebestreviews.com/review12260