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© Copyright Mari Byrne, 2004.
All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave, Inc.


Shari had done it. Finally, she had freed herself from the bump and grind of nine to five. No more setting the alarm for o’dark thirty to primp and prepare herself for a day of closed in office space. No more conferences, meetings, lunches, or drop-in surprises for this lady. No sirree, Phil! She was free to pursue her dreams of…

Shari paused on her trek down the hall to Karen’s apartment and grimaced in pain, both mentally and physically. Her body ached in all the wrong places and her mind vacillated between thoughts on what exactly she would do now and focusing on the minor accident she had just been in.

Sighing silently, she made her way down to Karen’s door. All she wanted to do was get inside and crash on the nearest flat surface. Walking as fast as her sore body would allow, forcing one foot in front of the other, she made her way down the hall.
Lord, my head hurts.

The scrape down the side of her hip had left her body aching and throbbing, and she would be lucky if she lived long enough to reach the apartment’s door.
Stop it. You’re exaggerating because you’re doing your best not to freak out about handing in your two-week notice.

Smiling wryly, Shari White pushed thoughts of worrying about not having enough money in her savings account, having to tuck her tail between her legs and go back to a “real” job, and now the pain her body was signaling to her. The tiny aches and pains from the accident were becoming more and more intolerable by the moment. Shari supposed walking home after the accident hadn’t been the smartest thing she could have done.
Shari stopped in front of Karen’s door.

Finally, she thought as she reached her friend’s door, I can go in and crash! Fumbling her key out of the pocket of her ruined pants, she unlocked the door and stepped inside. Shari dropped her purse and the equally ruined briefcase where she stood and turned to push the door closed, allowing it to shut behind her.

Immediately the doubts began to creep in once again. Would she be able to find something she truly enjoyed doing before her “Freedom” money ran out. Shari had given herself what should be a year’s “cushion” of money to pay necessities, minor frivolities, and if needed emergency spending money.

But can I?

Her muscles interrupted her second thoughts, screaming viciously in protest as she walked forward. She was determined to land on a soft spot this time, and not settle for curling into a little ball of pain in front of the door.

“That’s all I need. Karen would come in and smack me on the other side of my aching skull to make a complete job of it.”

Even talking quietly out loud hurt her head too much, so she concentrated on making it to the couch and thinking thoughts softly.

The car coming out from the underground garage probably hadn’t been going more than five m.p.h. The poor rattled driver had been coming up the blind ramp faster than he had thought and, Bam! Knocked her clean off her feet. But when the car had rammed into her, Shari felt as if it had been going at light speed.

She had been dazed, but other than probably needing an aspirin, she was pretty sure her injuries did not need a doctor. She flat refused to have an ambulance called. She hadn’t lost consciousness, and most of the abrasions only needed bandages and cleaning. She would be fine once she got home.

“Not too smart, was it, Shari ‘you’re a twit’ White?” Shari mumbled, wishing someone was there to whine to.

As pain continued to lance its way through her head, she remembered her comment not to talk out loud. Maybe if she just whispered. Besides, she did not have time to spend seven hours sitting in an emergency room somewhere in the city waiting to be told she was fine, go home. She knew her body well enough to know she would probably be fine in a few days.
Turning slowly, she spotted the couch and stumbled to it. She was on the verge of simply falling on it, carefully, and sleeping for a week, when a hammering noise sounded against the front door.

No! She gripped her head as the noise reverberated against the inside of her head. It would just top her Day from Hell if it ended up being a damn salesman intent on getting someone to buy the five thousand dollar set of encyclopedias, which would become obsolete the minute the next coup d’état in Peru erupted.

Wasn’t there somebody trying to take over Peru at the moment?
Shari’s head throbbed as her thoughts scrambled around in her head. Inconsequential things popped up and chased after one another until the pounding at the door started once again.
I could just ignore it, pretend there’s no one here.
She grimaced at the thought. She had never been able to ignore answering a knock at the door or a ringing phone.

The pounding thundered again.

Muttering low in her throat and immediately wincing at the renewed pain, Shari forced her body toward the door. Standing slowly, she started to rise. It took her longer than she would have thought as her head began to whirl. Raising her arms with difficulty, she held her head between her hands long enough for it to stop doing merry-go-round imitations, then started for the door.

Shit! The heartfelt, whispered word ran through her.

Not bothering to check through the view hole in the door, she braced herself with a hand on the doorknob and wrenched the door open, leaning heavily against it for support.

Truly, she had every intention of stripping skin off whoever stood on the other side. Until, that is, she came face to face with the pair of sex gods. Her words died a flaming death. The pain, which had so recently radiated through her body, fled.

There stood two of the most gorgeous men she would ever lay eyes on. In front of her were two six foot five, muscle bound, sable haired, chiseled jawed, Chippendale dancers. Animal magnetism rolled off the pair in waves, making her pussy weep. Taking shallow breaths, Shari saw black spots appear before her eyes.


She drew in the last of a shallow breath and let out a moan so close to a howl she almost scared herself. Her vision went gray at the pleasure streaking through her body and she fell to her knees, the pain in her body forgotten. Her head would have hit the floor as she bowled over if not for a skin-roughened hand slipping between her forehead and said floor.
Shari felt herself grind her hips on an erection she was sure was between her legs. She ground down as if riding a man, then gave a final shuddering scream as an orgasm rolled over and through her body in mind numbing bliss.

It took a few moments to gather her scattered thoughts. Panting in the aftermath, Shari felt muscled arms surround and cradle her body as if it was a delicate piece of porcelain. Turning her head slowly, she looked up into a pair of eyes the color of a sunset and had to blink, thinking she was imagining things.

The eyes she gazed into were glowing.

Squeezing her eyes closed in hopes she was seeing things, she blinked several times, then looked once again.

Nope. Not glowing at all.
She stared into two different colored eyes. One a golden bronze, the other the color of crisp, green, summer leaves. She closed her eyes once more and shook her head slightly for good measure, vaguely remembering her headache. When she opened her eyes again, she still saw the same set of eyes, both different colors.

A voice, low and resonating sensations against her stimulated body seemed to be making soothing sounds to her.

Tilting her head back a little more Shari took in the whole picture. She seemed to be in the arms of one of the men who had stood on the other side of Karen’s door.
“Er…should I thank you and be offering a cigarette about now?”

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